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Soundfield SPS200 software controlled microphone

The new SPS200 Software Controlled Microphone brings the advantages of SoundField Technology to a wider audience and provides the perfect 'front end' to capture both stereo and 5.1 surround. It is ideally suited to those working in the field on laptop based recording systems or in the studio on fully fledged Digital Audio Workstations. All the processing - such as stereo and surround sound decoding and manipulation - takes place in the included Surround Zone software.


Soundfield SPS200 Zephyx Kit

The SPS200 Zephyx Kit includes a specially manufactured version of SoundField's existing SPS200 microphone with a shorter body, known as the SPS200-SB (Short Body), which comes as standard fitted into the supplied Zephyx suspension mount.


Soundfield ST450 portableanalogue microphone system

The portable, battery-powered ST450 is aimed at location recording film and TV sound specialists everywhere, and builds on the success of SoundField's previous ST250 and ST350 portable microphones. The electronics in the ST450 have been completely redesigned, taking advantage of new, improved components, resulting in a superior noise performance, and more accurate stereo and surround imaging.


Soundfield SPS422B analogue microphone system

The SPS422B is a multi-capsule microphone and calibrated 1U processor capable of generating mono, stereo, M/S and surround. All mic parameters are adjustable via the processor’s front panel which can be situated up to 100m away. These include Gain, End Fire, Invert, High-Pass, Polar Patterns, Stereo Width and Headphone monitoring. All outputs are at line level on balanced XLR’s.


Soundfield MKV analogue microphone system

The MKV is a multi-capsule microphone and calibrated 2U processor capable of generating mono, stereo, M/S and surround. It offers unparalleled control of the microphone with features like Azimuth (Rotate), Elevation (Tilt) and Dominance (Zoom) and even the ability to ‘Solo’ each microphone capsule. In addition to B-Format outputs the processor is also equipped with B-Format inputs enabling the user to completely re-mix stereo recordings from previously recorded B-Format material. Input/outputs are balanced XLR at line level.


Soundfield DSF-1 digital microphone system for music

The DFS-1 system, which comprises a SoundField microphone and hardware digital control unit, benefits from much of the techniques employed in the established DSF-2 system, but with various changes to reshape it for the performance broadcast and recording markets. Thus the output signals are all 110 ohm AES-EBU on XLRs, the digital format more common in the recording and concert broadcast market.


Soundfield DSF-2 digital microphone system for broadcast

The DSF-2 Broadcast Microphone System has been specifically developed to simultaneously provide both the surround and stereo soundscape at large scale outside broadcast events such as football stadiums and concert hall venues. Its advantage over alternative methods is that the multichannel audio it generates from a ‘single point’ source is completely phase coherent. This enables the broadcaster to collapse the surround to stereo or mono for TV and radio feeds without loss of information, frequency imbalance or any of the other phase problems.


Soundfield SP451 analogue surround processor

The SP451 offers a rugged 1U rackmount hardware alternative to the Surround Zone plug-in. It is favoured by those wishing to bypass computers and DAW’s and commit up to eight tracks of surround sound directly to digital recorders ‘live’ as the performance takes place. It can also be used ‘stand alone’ in post-production where from pre-recorded B-Format material it will output a 5.1 surround mix and stereo mix simultaneously. Input/outputs are balanced XLR at line level.


Soundfield DSF-3 digital surround processor

A 1U, 19-inch rack hardware processor with an all-digital signal path, the DSF-3 allows decoding of SoundField microphone or B-format signals to digital 5.1 surround or stereo audio (or both simultaneously) at any sample rate. Five-segment LED displays on the left side of the front panel act as input level meters, and each 5.1 channel's output level control has separate green 'signal present' and red Clip LEDs for further peace of mind.

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