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Analoguetube AT-101

The AT-101 is a faithful recreation of the original Fairchild 670 stereo limiter. The AT-101 is built using traditional point-to-point wiring methods and standard turret component mounts. The audio path and power supply are completely free from any printed circuit boards. The AT-101 like the original Fairchild 670 has been assembled completely by hand and uses high quality modern components. The tube complement is exactly the same, using a new generation 6386 remote cut-off triode developed to replace the original 50 year old tube types many of which were used in the Fairchild 670.

Whilst most of the AT-101 is the same as the original there have been a few minor changes to the front panel and electronics, the Lateral/Vertical switch has been replaced with a Stereo Link switch, and a power supply alteration made allowing controlled heater voltage switch-on to help maintain the life of critical tubes on power up. A simple electronic traffic light system monitoring temperature has been added.

All production models come with a choice of front panel colours finished in enamel. Bypass and MS options available.

original parts in the original box - nothing comes close to it!

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Analoguetube AT-1

Analoguetube introduces a 12 tube mono compressor; The all tube AT-1 has several passive additions to the original circuit of the Fairchild 660 that builds more functionality and flexibility into this classic compressor design. Many of the features in its bigger stereo brother have also been included in these models as standard, with a stepped AC threshold control, a latching bypass button and the ability to stereo link other AT-1 units together. All variable controls are non inductive hot molded composition types. All switches are Grayhill

Other features include a selectable audio (side-chain) input which allows the user to electrically split the compressor and AC Threshold in 2 for external side chain control. This is a fully balanced transformer input and is great for de-essing vocals.

Additionally these compressors include the original tube line up; 4 tube power supply complete with cold cathode regulation, 4 tube AC Threshold for high voltage side chain control and 4 6386 tubes for the gain reduction. The AT-1 uses all original parts including the transformers, controls and the new generation 6386LGP triodes which were developed from the original tube types.

All units are fitted with the original stepped and tapered input attenuators and original Attack and Release times.

The unique features of these gain crushing 19" 6U 20kg compressors allow all types of instrument and program to sound fatter and bigger bringing your program forward to add depth, dimension and clarity to your mix that effortlessly glues and controls the image together for all types of material.

All units closely follow the circuit both technically and historically that include the use of original wiring turrets and traditional point-to-point wiring throughout making these unique and natural sounding compressors a dynamic and indispensable tool for your music studio.

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