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Cedar Cambridge Series III with v9 software - restoration & mastering workstation

The flagship CEDAR Cambridge Series III system leads the world in the field of audio restoration and speech enhancement. It offers phenomenal processing power, massive storage capabilities, and a suite of the fastest, most powerful and most accurate audio processing modules ever developed. Whether you are engaged in audio remastering, post, restoration for archive and libraries, or audio forensic investigation, CEDAR Cambridge offers unparalleled capabilities and quality.


Cedar Studio DNS One - Dialogue Noise Suppressor plug-in for ProTools

A Pro Tools plug-in (incl AAX support) that runs on both Mac OS X and Windows, DNS One offers the same Academy Award winning dialogue noise suppression as its illustrious siblings. With a superb new user-interface that allows you to control hundreds of channels of DNS (software and hardware, in any mix you choose) from a single Pro Tools host, DNS One is hugely powerful and flexible. More info ยป


Cedar Studio Adaptive Limiter - A unique limiter and loudness maximiser for ProTools

The Adaptive Limiter employs a unique new algorithm developed by CEDAR. Offering peak and oversampling modes, it calculates a continuously varying EQ profile that constrains the peak level of the output while retaining the integrity of the input. The result is a perfectly controlled signal that remains much more natural than audio processed using conventional limiters. The Adaptive Limiter is also an unsurpassed loudness maximiser and, with its advanced resampling and noise shaping capabilities, it's ideal for mixing, final mastering and other creative duties.


Cedar Studio Debuzz - eliminate buzzes and hum in ProTools

Buzzes and hums can creep into the highest quality recordings and live audio, but can be eliminated quickly and easily using Debuzz. This powerful but simple process removes unwanted signal components across the entire audio spectrum, and is capable of removing all manner of buzzes and hums with fundamentals as high as 500Hz.
Debuzz will also track wandering tones and, unlike traditional filters, can successfully restore your audio without unwanted side-effects such as limited bandwidth or the hollow sound introduced by comb filters.


Cedar Studio Declip - Eliminating clipping from overloaded audio in ProTools

CEDAR Studio Declip is a genuine declipping algorithm that allows you to identify and remove most instances of clipping in a single operation. You'll be amazed at how effortlessly it removes clipped samples and reconstructs the original signal, improving clarity, reducing or even eliminating distortion, and restoring the original dynamic range of the damaged audio.Two processing modes are provided and these allow you to choose between an algorithm optimised for light clipping, and one optimised for heavy amounts of clipping. This ensures that you remove the problem without causing damage to the genuine signal.


Cedar DNS 8 Live - Dialogue Noise Suppressor hardware

With eight simultaneous channels of dialogue noise suppression, the DNS 8 Live hosts a new DNS algorithm boasting a simplified '2-knob' approach as well as a detailed editing mode that offers more control than any previous dialogue noise suppressor. It's suitable for use in all live situations - not just live-to-air broadcasting, but also live sound in venues such as theatres, concert halls, conferences venues, and places of worship.


Cedar DNS1500 - Dialogue Noise Suppressor hardware

The successor to the Academy Award winning DNS1000 dialogue noise suppressor.

Since the birth of digital audio, engineers have been striving to provide high quality digital noise reduction with no appreciable delay between input and output. The DNS1500 provides superb noise suppression with a latency of merely 1/400th of a frame. No more loading hard disks, no more slipping against timecode, no more frame stores... just the highest quality noise suppression in real real-time.


Cedar DNS2000 - Dialogue Noise Suppressor hardware for ProTools

The DNS2000 is a fully automated implementation of our near zero-latency Dialogue Noise Suppression technology designed specifically for users of Mac-based and Microsoft Windows XP, Pro Tools systems. The DNS2000 processor provides the power and I/O for the system, while the Remote Control Software running within Pro Tools controls all aspects of the DNS2000, and automates its operating parameters. You can configure up to 126 individual DNS2000s as a single system, thus making it more than adequate for the largest studio and post installations.


Cedar DNS3000 - Dialogue Noise Suppressor hardware with ProTools integration

Fully automated dialogue noise suppression with scenes, memories, moving faders and full Pro Tools (Mac and PC) integration.

The DNS3000 is the latest generation of CEDAR's Dialogue Noise Suppression technology, combining the tactile control surface of the DNS1500 with the Pro Tools integration of the DNS2000, plus timecode, on-board memories and automation.


Cedar Tools - ProTools AudioSuite plugins

Available as a range of AudioSuite plug-ins for ProTools on Windows, the CEDAR Tools suite comprises seven advanced processes that allow users to eliminate a wide range of audio degradations from an even wider range of audio materials. The tools in CEDAR Tools are selected from CEDAR Cambridge as well as our award-winning, dedicated plug-in processes. They offer high-resolution processing of up to 48 tracks simultaneously, and provide excellent results, quickly, with the minimum of user intervention.


Cedar ADA - stereo AD/DA convertor

The ADA is a stereo, 24/96 rackmount unit that produces an AES/EBU or SPDIF digital audio output from a balanced or unbalanced analogue stereo input, and a stereo balanced or unbalanced output from an incoming AES/EBU or SPDIF input.


Cedar HDA - Headphone amplifier with integrated DA convertor

The HDA headphone amplifier is a 24/96 rackmount unit that receives an AES/EBU or SPDIF digital input and converts it to six individually buffered 1/4" stereo headphone outputs, each with its own volume control. It is an integral element in the CEDAR CSS-1500 and CSS-3000 Surveillance Systems.

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