Mastering consoles & mic preamps
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Crookwood M series Mastering Consoles

The M class of Mastering Consoles comprises 6 models, with lots of options, so you can find a console that's right for the way you work. There are models covering stereo and 5.1 surround work, and depending on the model, they provide full facilities for just analogue processing, just digital processing, or simultaneous analogue and digital processing.

Each console has:

  • a full featured monitor controller
  • a monitor source selector
  • a transfer (record) path selector
  • an insert switcher box, where you can transparently place any inserts, in any order, into the record path
  • automatic insertion of DA and AD converters into the signal chain.
  • Optionally you can add analogue level and MS processing to any or all inserts - you choose.

Crookwood C series Monitoring Consoles

The C class of Monitor Controllers has 6 basic models, with loads of options available, so you can specify exactly the controller you need. There are models covering stereo and surround to 7.1, and working with analogue only, digital only, analogue and digital sources.

Each controller has:

  • a full featured monitor controller
  • a monitor source selector
  • source routing controls

Crookwood R series Audio Routers

The R class of Routers has 3 basic models, with lots of variants available, so you can specify exactly the router you need. The models cover analogue insert boxes (mastering switchers or insert switchers), passive analog matrices, digital crosspoint routers, or a combination ofall of them. The analogue routing is all done with gas sealed balanced relays, completely passive for sonically perfect performance. The digital routing is properly transformer terminated and actively buffered for proper performance.


Crookwood Remote Preamps

Crookwood has got 2 models, the Paintpot and the MultiPre. They are designed for different applications, but they actually have identical preamp and ADC circuits inside.

The Paintpot was Crookwood's first ever product, and now in it's 3rd incarnation, it's the best ever. Ideal for cross paired stereo mic-ing, or studio spot mic-ing, the Paintpot's clean neutral sound makes it an ideal choice for acoustic recording.

The MultiPre is a comprehensive remote controlled multichannel preamp solution. It's compact size, digital and analogue feature set, and the great neutral Crookwood sound, make it ideal for location and fixed acoustic recording.


Crookwood Audio AD / DA convertors

The Crookwood D-A and A-D cards from their mastering consoles and monitor controllers are well respected for their sonic performance. Now for the first time they are available as a separate package – the MultiDAD.

The MultiDAD is a modular 2 to 32 channel Digital converter in a compact 1U chassis. Load and expand it with any combination of our excellent DAC and ADC modules, up to 32 channels in total. MADI input available.


Crookwood Audio Accessories

Crookwood makes a set of accessories that will work with their consoles, or often by themselves as a stand alone device. Some of the devices, like their DACs, ADCs or bass managers are intended to be fitted inside a product, but if you're really interested, they can provide a simple rack system to house and power them, so you can enjoy the sounds and features of these Crookwood products without buying a whole console/ controller or router. Other devices, like the VU meters, or the cabling can be used in any studio, and make a direct difference no matter what your equipment is.

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