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Little Labs Pepper

Pepper a Swiss army knife of interface creativity designed in the Little Labs tradition. It integrates pedal / pro / instrument signals, is a blender, a DI/re-amp and more. A total solution!

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Little Labs Redcloud

Continuing in the tradition of creating unique and useful tools for the pro audio engineer, Little Labs introduces the Redcloud 8810U8ERS balanced attenuator pack. Born out of necessity for recording engineer Don Smith, aka Redcloud (Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks), who liked lots of gain on his mic pre amps but needed a simple flexible way to attenuate the post mic pre signal. Uses include, simple analog faders pre or post pro tools, volume controls for multiple speaker systems, or any job that needs a stereo or mono rotary attenuator.


Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro

A one-in three-out guitar splitter (five when using the mult and line driver) featuring transformer isolated guitar level/impedance outputs with phase reverse, ground lift, and level adjust on each output.
An audiophile direct box and guitar cable line driver designed with the same circuit topology as the Little Labs Multi Z DI.
Three professional-level to guitar impedance-level interfaces for re-amping.


Little Labs Lmnopre - Limited Edition

The limited edition Lmnopre Microphone Preamplifier is not another reissue of a vintage design, but a totally NEW microphone preamplifer. It not only sounds fantastic, but gives you new options allowing you to explore deeper into the control of sound… It features low frequency resonance control and variable phase alignment.


Little Labs IBP & IBP Junior

The IBP and IBP Junior easily eliminate the undesireable hollow sound when combining out-of-phase and partially out-of-phase audio signals. Designed as a phase problem solving device, the IBP Analong Phase Alignment Tool has quickly become popular among audio engineers as not only a “fix it” tool but as a controlling audio phase creative, tonal color tool.


Little Labs VOG

The VOG analog bass resonance tool is the latest creation from Little Labs, and is Little Labs first entry in the popular 500-Series module format. The VOG was originally designed to capture the chest resonance of vocalists or voice over artists, enabling them to still have a proximity type effect without havingto be so close to the mic, hence the name, VOG, or Voice of God. However, when heard on kick drum and bass, it became clear this is the go to device to make these instruments sound huge.


Little Labs i-VOG

Standalone version of the popular VOG. It is identical to the VOG, but it does add the instrument input which has a 3.32 meg ohm input impedance and adds 10dB of gain. The added instrument in is pretty cool especially on passive instruments. It also has both xlr I/O and trs I/O.


Little Labs Redeye 3D phantom

The Red Eye 3D phantom is the new improved major revision of the popular Little Labs Redeye direct box / re-amp box. More people are re-amping now than ever before, and we at Little Labs know re-amping! We made this new major Redeye revision because we wanted to make sure we continued to make the best sounding, most flexible, easiest to use, and reasonably priced re-amping and direct box product available..


Little Labs STD

The STD allows you to use long microphone cables or microphone tie lines to extend your guitar or any instrument cable without the loss of tone and increase of noise associated with long instrument cable runs. It also has two outputs for splitting between two amps or between an amp and a direct injection box, with a selectable ground lift on one output to eliminate ground loop problems.

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