Pendulum Audio
Professional outboard gear for studio & live
Belgium - Netherlands - Luxembourg - France


Pendulum Audio PL-2 - analog peak limiter

The PL-2 Analog Peak Limiter features two independent channels with stereo link, JFET (hard) or MOSFET (soft) peak limiting modes. It has precise readout of peak reduction and stepped input and output controls - ideal for mastering.


Pendulum Audio Quartet - tube recording channel

The Quartet is an all-purpose recording tool designed with the ultimate in sound quality and flexibility in mind. Four elements - Mic/DI preamp, Opto-compressor, EQ, and De-esser - are combined into a fully integrated package.


Pendulum Audio Quartet II - tube recording channel

The Quartet II is not an update nor a replacement for the Quartet. It has a substantially different combination of elements - a dual transformer Mic/DI preamp, a 'passive/aggressive' EQ, a delta-mu compressor and a peak Limiter.


Pendulum Audio MDP-1 - vacuum tube mic/DI preamp

Unlike vintage or hybrid designs, the MDP-1 uses a pure tube, class A high voltage circuit topology with a transformerless output stage to deliver an open, intimate sound with a level of detail for the most demanding recording applications.


Pendulum Audio OCL-2 - electro-optical comp/limiter

The OCL-2 is a two channel electro-optical compressor/limiter designed for the utmost in transparency, detail and versatility. The short signal path design uses a custom optical input attenuation network in front of an all tube class A gain stage.


Pendulum Audio ES-8 - remote cutoff tube limiter

The ES-8 is a modern two channel limiter designed to have the compression characteristics of a vintage unit, but with a higher level of sonic accuracy with a less colored signal.


Pendulum Audio DS-500 - opto de-esser for 500 format

The praised de-esser of the Quartet in a stand-alone 500 series card. It is identical to the one in the Quartet, but implemeted around a unity-gain class A solid-state line stage.


Pendulum Audio OCL-500 - OCL compression for 500 format

The OCL-500 has the same compression circuit as the OCL-2, but uses a transformerless class A solid-state gain makeup circuit in place of the tube stage.

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