Slate Pro Audio
Analogue outboard
Belgium - The Netherlands - Luxembourg


Slate Pro Audio Dragon

The new SLATE PRO AUDIO DRAGON is unlike any dynamic audio processor you've heard before. Simply put, the DRAGON was created to be the most versatile compressor, limiter, and sound shaping tool that the pro audio industry has ever seen.

  • Classic FET compressor circuit, with a compression quality that is rich and warm, but also capable of sharp and aggressive tones
  • Three character settings that change the way the unit sounds and responds: BOOM, BITE and SHEEN
  • 'VINTAGE' button for more harmonics, a bit of 'grit', and an overall more aggressive sound
  • A three setting saturation selector, from subtle harmonics to gritty distortion
  • Sidechain hi pass filter
  • A gentle 2:1 setting that sounds amazing on full mixes.
  • One of the finest drum compressors ever
  • Famous "all buttons in" mode called 'Squash'.
  • A 'Mix' knob to control the wet/dry ratio of the source. This allows you to parallel compress sources.

Slate Pro Audio Fox

The Fox is dual mic preamplifier with two independent mic pre circuits per channel

"VINTAGE" is based on the classic discrete British pre. It has a fat and warm sound with a nice present midrange. It uses custom American made trannies and sounds great when you want classic vibe.

With one flick of a switch, you can activate the other mic pre circuit called "MODERN". This transformerless preamp is ultra fast, has extremely low distortion, and captures incredible detail. Perfect when you need to reproduce the snap of a snare drum or hear the moisture on a singer's throat!

Having the ability to instantly switch a mic source between such contrasting tonalities is cool, but we decided to go one step further.

When you activate "COMBO" mode, it takes the input stage of one preamp circuit and the output of the other! So when you are on VINTAGE/COMBO.. the front end is the VINTAGE pre and the backend is the MODERN pre. If you are on MODERN/COMBO, then the front end is the MODERN pre and the backend is the VINTAGE.

This provides the audio engineer with four distinct tonal variations to choose for each source. Each variation has a very unique character.

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