Digital equipment for mastering, studio and broadcast
Belgium - The Netherlands - Luxembourg


Weiss A1

500 series transformer balanced discrete class A preamp and digitally controlled analog de-esser module.


Weiss ADC2

The ADC2 is the successor of the renowned two channel ADC1-MK2 A/D Converter. Includes 2 preamps and peak limiter. Firewire option available.


Weiss DAC1-MK2/MK3

The DAC1-MK2 is a stereo 24 bit / 192khz D/A converter designed with the aim of keeping an absolutely uncompromised audio signal path. Firewire option is available.
The MK3 offers a new no comprimise analogue section.


Weiss EQ1-MK2

The EQ1 is available in 4 configurations. All work at 24/96. The basic model is the EQ1-MK2, the linear phase model is the EQ1-LP, the dynamic model the EQ1-DYN. The EQ1-DYN-LP incorporates both LP and DYN versions in one unit.


Weiss DS1-MK3

The famous DS1 Compressor / Limiter / De-esser, now with MS processing.


Weiss DNA1

Three algorithms are packed into the DNA1. The denoiser from the Pure Notes Company (UK), the decrackler and declicker from Weiss and the K-Stereo Ambience Processor was licensed from Mr. Bob Katz (USA).


Weiss DAC2

The DAC2 is a high performance stereo Firewire based digital to analog and digital to digital converter for usage either standalone or in conjunction with a PC or MAC computer.


Weiss AFI1

The AFI1 is a 24 channel Firewire Interface with 8 channels of bidirectional AES/EBU interfaces and 16 channels of bidirectional ADAT interfaces.


Weiss SFC2

Tthe SFC2 features two completely independent two-channel sampling frequency converters to simultaneously down- and up-sample a signal.


Weiss Saracon

Saracon is a versatile multichannel file format and sampling rate conversion tool for Mac & PC of utmost sonic quality. All standard sampling rates between 44.1kHz and 384kHz are supported, including DXD and DSD.

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