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You are very welcome to visit the Joystick Audio demo rooms and test the best pro audio gear available today!
Our full-blown studio is the perfect demo environment to allow you to make the right decisions.

We are happy to guide you through the world of special pro audio gear:

  • All the gear is installed and connected on a patch, ready to go
  • The heart of the demo room is the SSL AWS948 console & DAW controller
  • SSL Matrix and SSL Nucleus consoles/controllers can also be set up
  • Monitoring features PMC IB1S main speakers and PMC TwoTwo nearfields
  • An acoustically perfect room, the ideal place to judge a sound
  • In case you can’t decide, you can take some gear home for testing as well!

We look forward to see you, a reservation by telephone or email is appreciated.

Joystick Demo Studio

Thermionic Culture Nightingale 2 & Freebird PROMO!

Thermionic Culture is doing a special deal on Nightingale 2 & Freebird!

The Nightingale 2 is one of the coolest tube dual channelstrips around, with 2 preamps, EQ and a single 'Phoenix' compressor, and that thick Thermionic sound!

The Freebird is 3 channels of tube EQ, smooth, musical broad EQ-ing. Great multi-channel EQ, or as bus EQ with a 'free' extra channel!

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Thermionic Culture

SSL LIVE L300 and software V2.5 now available!

The SSL Live.L300 brings the massive sound of SSL to the compact live console arena. V2.5 delivers new advanced FX optimisation and 27 new features and updates to the SSL Live console platform. More details here!

The release of the new L300 means there are now two models available in the SSL Live console range, the larger L500 and the new more compact L300. Both consoles are perfectly equipped for applications in Touring, Installation, Houses Of Worship and Theatre. At SSL we believe that offering a more compact console should not mean compromising and reducing quality or features. Both consoles offer the same immaculate, huge SSL sound and the same superb operator experience. There are no compromises in build quality and both consoles use and can share the same Remote I/O. The L300 is physically smaller than the L500, so it is a more compact, lower cost option… with no hidden performance compromises – it’s that simple. Compact it may be but the L300 delivers the power and connectivity to handle large scale productions with up to 568 input/outputs, 128 mix paths (96 fully processed, 32 dry), a 32 x 36 matrix, 36 VCA’s, and 48 FX slots.

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Solid State Logic

New at Joystick Audio: PAM PiCo audio & loudness metering solutions

PAM PiCo puts high quality audio and loudness metering within easy reach of anyone involved in sound production, from TV Broadcast Operators, to music studio technicians, to record producers.

PAM PiCo is available in three fully featured formats; each able to display stereo, multichannel or surround sound audio from analogue, AES or embedded SDI (PAM PiCo Five only) signal sources. Each model can measure Loudness to ALL known international standards and recommendations and the PAM PiCo Loudness Logging Application is supplied as a free download to all PAM PiCo users.

Overview here, contact us for more info and demoing!



137th AES Convention in Los Angeles - NEWS

Get an overview of the news at the 137th AES Convention in Los Angeles here.


137th AES

Visit the Stadiumred / SSL / Joystick Audio pop-up studio at Amsterdam Dance Event

Until october 18th @ De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, more info here.


Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic introduces the XL-Desk

XL-Desk is a modern twist on the classic analogue studio console. It’s designed for tracking or mixing engineers who require an analogue console within a DAW centric studio, but don’t want or need the integrated DAW control and analogue level automation other SSL console products have made the new hybrid studio standard.


XL-Desk is a modern twist on the classic analogue studio console. It’s designed for tracking or mixing engineers who require an analogue console within a DAW centric studio, but don’t want or need the integrated DAW control and analogue level automation other SSL console products have made the new hybrid studio standard.

XL-Desk is in many ways a traditional 24 into 8 analogue console but it packs in an incredible collection of features. It has 20 channel strips: 16 dual input mono (switchable between main input or DAW return) and 4 stereo channels. The first eight channels have VHD mic pre’s. There is an 18 slot 500 format rack built in that can be used for processing or mic pre’s. XL-Desk ships with a legendary SSL Stereo Bus Compressor module in slots 17 & 18 (hard wired to Mix A). The rack has its own dedicated high spec’ power supply. There are four main Mix Buses (A, B, C, D) with buses B, C and D able to be summed into Mix A. The Buses and channels can access the 500 rack and each have a separate insert point for processing. There are two mono aux sends and two stereo return inputs. Direct outputs on every channel, stereo return and mix bus enable convenient stem printing. Each channel has a Cue Stereo Bus section (with Pan and Volume) used to provide one of the headphone mixes while tracking. At mixdown the mono channel DAW return signals can be routed to the CUE ST bus and then summed into Mix A, so there are 16 main faders + 16 Cue ST inputs + 4 Stereo channels providing 40 summing inputs (using the stereo returns and insert Sum functions you can squeeze in over 50 summing inputs). There is also a fully-featured monitoring section with bass management (3 sets of speakers + subwoofer), Foldback A and B with individual talkbacks for headphone mixes and a built in Listen Mic input + classic compressor circuit, with its own direct output.

Key Features:

  • 20 + 1 fader, over 40 input SuperAnalogue™ SSL console
  • 8-built in Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) preamps
  • 16 dual input mono channels (switchable between main input or DAW return)
  • 4 stereo channels (switchable to mono for tracking)
  • The legendary Stereo Bus Compressor, with new high-pass filter sidechain
  • 18-slot 500 format rack built-in, accessible from channels or mix busses
  • In addition to a 500 rack insert each mono channel also has a standard insert point
  • 4 stereo Mix Buses with their own insert points and access to the 500 rack
  • One stereo and 2 mono aux sends. Two dedicated stereo return inputs
  • Direct outputs on every channel, stereo return and mix bus for stem printing
  • Fully-featured monitoring section with bass management
  • Foldback A and B with individual talkbacks for headphone mixes
  • Built in Listen Mic input + classic compressor circuit, with its own direct output
  • AFL and Solo-In-Place solo modes, with Solo Clear and Solo Safe (Protect) modes
  • Balanced D-Sub rear panel inputs/outputs & Front panel headphones & iJack sockets
  • High quality internal PSU

Check the SSL website XL-Desk pages!
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Solid State Logic

Limited special deal: Buy an SSL Sigma, get a free 500-series Bus Compressor!

Limited quantity available - offer valid during september 2014 only, don't miss out!

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Solid State Logic

Visit Solid State Logic, Cedar Audio and TSL/Soundfield @ IBC2014

SSL in Hall 8, booth 8.D83
Cedar Audio in Hall 8, booth 8.C98
TSL/Soundfield in Hall 10, booth 10.B41

Click here to register for free via SSL's IBC invitation!



Little Labs Pepper now shipping!

Pepper a Swiss army knife of interface creativity designed in the Little Labs tradition. It integrates pedal / pro / instrument signals, is a blender, a DI/re-amp and more. A total solution!

Click here for a full feature overview! View the manual here.


Little Labs

Analoguetube introduces the AT-1 mono 'Fairchild 660' compressor

Analoguetube introduces a 12 tube mono compressor; The all tube AT-1 has several passive additions to the original circuit of the Fairchild 660 that builds more functionality and flexibility into this classic compressor design. Many of the features in its bigger stereo brother have also been included in these models as standard, with a stepped AC threshold control, a latching bypass button and the ability to stereo link other AT-1 units together.

Other features include a selectable audio (side-chain) input which allows the user to electrically split the compressor and AC Threshold in 2 for external side chain control. This is a fully balanced transformer input and is great for de-essing vocals.

The unique features of these gain crushing 19" 6U 20kg compressors allow all types of instrument and program to sound fatter and bigger bringing your program forward to add depth, dimension and clarity to your mix that effortlessly glues and controls the image together for all types of material.

All units closely follow the circuit both technically and historically that include the use of original wiring turrets and traditional point-to-point wiring throughout making these unique and natural sounding compressors a dynamic and indispensable tool for your music studio.

More info here!




Solid State Logic


CEDAR Studio 6 with new AutoDehiss, Declick and Decrackle - in AAX & VST!

The original CEDAR Studio and CEDAR Studio AAX numbered hundreds of high-profile studios and post houses among their users. Today, CEDAR Studio 6 offers even more of the advanced processes that allow you to improve the sound quality of your audio. Each CEDAR Studio 6 process has been developed from the multi-award-winning CEDAR Cambridge™ flagship, and provides unsurpassed results, quickly, and with the minimum of fuss and user intervention. Algorithms include: Apadative Limiter 2, Auto Dehiss, Debuzz, Declick, Decrackle, Declip and DNS One. Full overview of CEDAR Studio.

Now with a special 15% off introductory offer until june 30th 2014, contact us!

aaxnative64buttonsmall1 vstlogoonblack

Cedar Audio

SSL announces new C100 HD Plus and C10 HD Plus broadcast consoles

The new ‘Plus’ versions of the acclaimed C100 and C10 consoles bring together new features and added value consolidation of SSL Production Assistant software to offer users the most powerful and flexible systems SSL has ever produced. Full info here!

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Solid State Logic

SSL IP Audio networking technology for broadcast production

The new SSL Network I/O range consists of ‘MADI-Bridge', providing 64 bidirectional channels of fully redundant MADI-to-network bridging with front panel confidence headphone monitoring; ‘SDI', bridging eight 3G-SDI embedders and eight de-embedders to the network or MADI with internal per channel routing; and ‘Stagebox’, which provides eight channels of mic/line I/O (using SSL’s renowned SuperAnalogue™ mic pres) with redundant network connectivity. More here!

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Solid State Logic

SSL announces V2 software with powerful new features for LIVE console!

More than 25 new features including Offline Setup, new Effects and Output Matrix Processing. New feature highlights here!

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Solid State Logic

New software release for SSL Sigma - including OSC support for iPad/iPhone

The new software will be a free upgrade for Sigma, SSL’s unique Remote Controlled Analogue Summing unit and enables all features of Sigma to be controlled from an iPad or iPhone via Open Sound Control (OSC). More here!

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Solid State Logic

SSL announces 3 new Duende plugins, migration to iLok and AAX support!

X-Phase, X-Saturator and X-Valvecomp, read the full story here!

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Solid State Logic

Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15 review

Read the Future Music review of the new Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15 here!

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Thermionic Culture

PMC unveils new twotwo sub1 active subwoofer at NAMM

The new twotwo sub1 is a low-distortion, active subwoofer featuring PMC’s unique ATL™ bass-loading technology, Class D amplification and DSP-based filtering and bass management, which extends bass output significantly with negligible harmonic distortion. The built-in amplifier delivers an impressive 400W of power to the sub, which has an active frequency response from a profound 22Hz up to 200Hz, and as with all PMC ATL™ designs, the tonal balance of the output remains consistent at all listening levels, from whisper-quiet to a stentorian blast. The sub1 can be deployed in a 2.1 configuration with twotwo series monitors to gain extra bass extension and headroom, or reproduce the low frequency effects (LFE) channel in a surround monitoring system.

The two long-throw bass drivers employed in the twotwo sub1 are a bespoke PMC design using natural materials, with a low-mass, ultra-stiff doped-paper cone to deliver unparalleled transient response. The elegant cabinet dimensions makes the twotwo sub1 easier to place than typical cube-shaped subwoofer designs.

The sub1 features an AES3 XLR input with a built-in high-quality sample rate converter, and can thus accept digital signals at any sample rate up to 192kHz. A pair of balanced stereo analogue inputs on XLRs is also available; switching between the sources is carried out from the rear panel or the optional desktop twotwo remote. The digital input is also passed through to the sub’s analogue and digital outputs for connection with other devices, allowing the twotwo sub1 to be used as a high-class D-A to drive other analogue monitors from a digital stream if required. Both analogue and digital outputs are always active regardless of which sources are selected. A single parametric equaliser is provided to assist with in-room alignment, and the analogue and digital outputs can be high-pass filtered to feed satellite speakers in a 2.1 configuration.

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PMC Monitors

Cedar Studio - "The best sounding in its class"
now available in AAX 64-bit for ProTools 11!

Launched in 2011, CEDAR Studio and CEDAR Studio AAX have been the recipients of numerous awards, and numbers hundreds of high-profile studios and post-production houses amongst its users.

To keep up with the latest developments from AVID®, Cedar is now pleased to announce that CEDAR Studio AAX has been written as a 64-bit application compatible with Pro Tools 10 and the latest versions of Pro Tools 11.

Earlier this year, Resolution magazine reviewed CEDAR Studio AAX. With the recent release of the 64-bit incarnation of CEDAR Studio AAX for Pro Tools 11, we thought that it was worth revisiting what they said.

"DNS One continues to be the absolute best tool for film and broadcast professionals needing almost any type of noise suppression."

"The resultant sound of Debuzz eclipses anything else I've tried, and I've tried almost everything else out there."

"I haven't found a comparable alternative at any price that works as smoothly and sounds as good as Declip."

Adaptive Limiter
"May be the best sounding limiter I've ever used. Mastering engineers really owe it to themselves to give this a test drive."

View the whole article here: CEDAR Studio AAX reviewed in Resolution magazine.

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Cedar Audio

AES NYC 2013 overview

AEA released their new N22 NUVO series ribbon microphone.

AnaMod & Realios announced that the XF Tube and A9052 EQ are shipping very soon!

Benchmark Media introduced the unique new design topology AHB2 power amplifier.

Cedar Audio showed the powerful Cedar Cambrigde v9 audio restoration system.

Crane Song added the Syren tube mic preamp to their 500-series, as well as released the Peacock vinyl emulation plugin for ProTools.

Daking demonstrated their 500-series range comprising mic preamp, compressor and EQ .

Dave Hill Designs had their Europa 1 preamp and Titan compressor on show.

Josephson Engineering showed their range of unique microphones.

Little Labs introduced the flexible Pepper DI/reamp/pedal insert/pro audio insert integrator.

Pendulum Audio showed their range of tube outboard.

PMC demonstrated the powerful twotwo series and their new Digital Monitor Controller.

Slate Pro Audio announced that the Raven MTX and MTi touchscreen DAW controllers are now shipping very soon!

Solid State Logic introduced the Matrix2 with great new features, also for existing Matrix owners!

Soundfield showed their range of surround mics and processors.

Thermionic Culture showed their 15th anniversary Culture Vulture Super 15 and Phoenix HG15.

Tube-Tech had their new MP2-A mic preamp on demo.

Weiss introduced the INT204 USB/DSD interface.

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Crane Song Peacock vinyl emulator plugin for ProTools AAX

Peacock can be used on a stereo bus to create the classic vinyl sound. On individual tracks it is also very useful in creating large fat sounds, smoothing of the harmonic content and making a nice smooth vintage sound on vocals and other instruments.

There are three main controls; Harmonic, Dynamic and Color. The Harmonic and Dynamic controls interact and control the level of the harmonic distortion. The Color switch changes the character / interaction of the controls and sets the maximum amount of midrange / LF color and the HF compression characteristic. The Dynamic control is the tricky one, what is does is time modulate the distortion components which are very frequency dependent due to the RIAA curve.

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Crane Song

AEA N22 NUVO series ribbon microphone

The phantom-powered N22 was designed with the needs of singer-songwriters and home studio owners in mind. Bridging the gap between vintage and modern, ribbon and condenser, studio and live, the N22 is the perfect companion for musicians and engineers alike.

Featuring the same Big Ribbon technology that has earned AEA its reputation, the N22 offers an incredible sound in close-mic applications like acoustic and electric guitars, piano, vocals, and drums. With phantom-powered JFET electronics and a custom German transformer the N22 achieves optimal performance with a wide range of preamps including USB or Firewire audio interfaces in home studio setups.

The N22 will be introduced at the 135th AES Convention in NYC (oct 17-20).

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AEA Ribbon Mics

IBC2013 news:

Solid State Logic showed their new Live console, which is available for order now. We will provide demo's and training from the end of this year on!

The C10HD and C100HD-S broadcast consoles got new software versions with several new features.

Also shown was SSL's new loudness metering solution, the LMS-16 and the broadcast spec MADI-Dante bridge.

Cedar Audio demonstarted the new Cedar Cambridge V9 and the remote control software for the DNS 8 Live.



Introducing CEDAR Cambridge V9

CEDAR Cambridge V9™ is the latest revision of the acclaimed audio restoration system. It boasts many new features and tools for restoring vast quantities of audio for broadcasters, archives and libraries, for homing in on the tiniest blemishes for the highest quality music, film and TV remastering purposes, and for extracting the maximum intelligibility for audio forensic investigation.

  • The XML extension extends the Batch Processing system and allows the processing applied to each audio file to be specified by a software file called a batch token.
  • Track Loudness: a new addition to the Regain package
  • True Peak and ITU1770-3 metering
  • Improved Debuzz-3 with new Odd Harmonics option
  • Other additional improvements all over the Cambridge software

Full overview of new features here.

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Cedar Audio

Weiss A1 500-series preamp/de-esser now available!

The A1 is a 500-series module which incorporates a Mic / Line Amplifier in conjunction with a De-Esser. Unique features include:

  • The side-chain is done in the digital domain with a DSP while the signal path is fully analog
  • Transformer coupled input / output
  • Two modules can be side-chain linked for stereo operation
  • Extremely low noise pre-amplifier
  • “Listen” switch to simplify zooming in on offending sibilances

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Crane Song Falcon 500 series tube compressor now in stock!

FALCON is a classic sounding tube compressor in a 500 series package. FALCON features 3 attack and 3 release time settings, hard and soft knee choices for compression or limiting, two different audio path sounds, wet-dry mixing for parallel compression, and is linkable.

The audio path color is changed by modifying the tube circuit so it has negative feedback or does not have negative feedback.  This along with the optical like quality of the compressor allows for a colored vintage sound or a much cleaner sound with optical characteristics.

When linked the master unit controls all functions on the slave except for wet-dry and make up gain.  The link system is capable of doing 5.1 .


Crane Song

Ursa Major Space Station SST-206 available again in limited quantities!

The new Space Station SST-206 combines the reissue of the Ursa Major Space Station, a classic reverb and effects unit, with a powerful modern reverberation system in a case smaller than a typical paperback book.
The new Space Station measures 162 x 122 x 15 mm, provides AES/EBU digital I/O, and accepts 24 bit audio at 48 or 44.1kHz. It is powered by a small external supply built into the breakout cable and operates from all overseas and domestic AC mains.


Seven Woods Audio

Musikmesse2013: PMC completes the twotwo range with twotwo.8

From PMC – the producer of true reference loudspeaker monitors – the all-new twotwo series combines PMC’s world-class design pedigree with sophisticated digital signal processing and active amplification to create a range of stunningly accurate, versatile, and compact two-way reference grade monitors.

The range comprises of three models – the twotwo.5, twotwo.6 and twotwo.8 – all designed and built in Britain using state-of-the-art technologies and components. The result is unrivalled level of clarity, transparency and accuracy for professional compact monitors. twotwo series models all share the same core design and features – the model number refers only to the approximate size (in inches) of the bass driver, with larger numbers denoting increasing cabinet volume, greater bass extension and higher SPL capabilities.

A feature new to the compact range is their ability to operate in either the vertical or horizontal orientations without compromising stereo imaging or tonal accuracy. This makes them ideally suited for nearfield monitoring of music and speech in situations where space is at a premium, such as in outside broadcast vehicles, small radio on-air studios and television sound control galleries, project music studios, video editing and post-production suites and for A&R evaluations.


PMC Monitors

Musikmesse2013: SSL Live. The new standard for live mixing.

Solid State Logic has been at the leading edge of audio console design for more than 35 years. Many of the concepts, features and creative approaches to audio production taken for granted today as ‘the way things are done’ in Music, Broadcast and Film Post production came to life on an SSL. The SSL name has always been synonymous with design innovation, with inventing intelligent, ergonomically superior audio production tools that enable talented audio engineers to work efficiently, creatively and to make music sound great.

The Live may be the first ever SSL live sound console but it carries all of that SSL DNA. We are confident that when you try it for yourself you will agree... this console carries forward the SSL tradition and delivers something special. As with everything SSL does, they have looked carefully at how the world’s leading live engineers work, got under the skin of live audio and then taken a fresh approach. The Live presents a truly superb user interface that can work the way you work today and introduces a collection of powerful new features that could change the way you work tomorrow. It has more sheer power and connectivity than anything else available at its price and of course, as you would expect from any audio console that bears the SSL name... it sounds impeccable.

Read more here.


Solid State Logic

Musikmesse2013: SSL Sigma, the remote controlled analogue mix engine

Sigma is a unique analogue mix engine in a 2U rack unit, that is remote controlled using MIDI via Ethernet using a DAW or an iDevice compatible software interface. Using proprietary MDAC control technology first featured in our Duality and AWS studio consoles, Sigma’s 100% analogue summing engine can be driven by automation data created within your DAW of choice. Sigma features 16 flexible input channels which can be individually switched between being mono or stereo for up to 32 channels at mixdown. There is accurate front panel LED metering for all channels. There are two stereo mix busses with dedicated outputs for convenient printing of stems back to the DAW and individual stereo insert points to facilitate implementation of parallel compression. Each input channel also features an individual direct output. Mix Bus B can also be injected into Mix Bus A for final mixdown.

An Artist and Studio monitoring section provides a Monitor and Headphone output. The Main monitor output has Main and Alternative connections to accommodate 2 sets of monitors. A comprehensive switching matrix enables selection of your monitor source. A large front panel rotary control uses a push-select mechanism to determine whether it adjusts Mix A, Mix B, Main Monitor or Headphone levels. There is also a Talkback input with adjustable Dim level. Control and switching of a wide range of functions including; monitor level and source, inserts, talkback, sum B>A and mono check, can all be achieved using any standard MIDI hardware control surface.


Solid State Logic

Musikmesse2013: SSL Stereo Bus compressor for 500 rack

The legendary sound of the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor has been glueing mixes together for 35+ is now available for the 500 format rack.

Often imitated but never equalled, the centre section compressor from the 1980's G-Series analogue console is an audio production legend. It is a simple unit with a simple purpose; it makes complete mixes sound bigger, with more power, punch and drive. It brings cohesion and strength to your mix without compromising clarity. To this day it remains a key element of the SSL sound and has featured on countless classic recordings. The availability of the Stereo Bus Compressor in a module for the 500 format makes this essential audio production tool available to users of the popular API 500 format modular rack platform.


Solid State Logic

Musikmesse2013: Thermionic Culture celebrates 15th anniversary with 2 new products

Thermionic Culture, the pioneering English valve-based audio equipment manufacturer, is marking its 15th birthday by launching two eagerly-anticipated ‘Special 15’ versions of two of its most sought after and best-loved products.

Visitors to the company’s Musikmesse stand (Hall 5.1, D73) will catch an early glimpse of both The Phoenix HG 15, a mono high-gain version of the classic Phoenix compressor, and The Culture Vulture Super 15, which Thermionic Culture co-founder Vic Keary describes as “the best ever version” of this versatile all-valve dual channel distorter/enhancer.


Thermionic Culture

Musikmesse2013: the new Tube-Tech MP2A !

At the upcoming Frankfurt Musikmesse, Tube-Tech is unveiling the MP2A, a new stereo mic preamp which in some respects can be seen as a further evolution of the PM1A modular mic pre.

After extensive listening, Tube-Tech is confident to say that if any sound engineer, anywhere on the globe, was to pick the 5 best sounding preamps, regardless of cost, this one would be among them.

Those of you who are attending the Messe will be listening to a prototype, but the production model is expected to ship in Q2!

Contact us for more info!



NEW BRAND: Pendulum Audio

We are now the official Benelux distributor of Pendulum Audio, the brand of designer Greg Gualtieri, who is also part of AnaMod.

Pendulum Audio has a wide range of high quality tube and solid state outboard gear, including channel strips, 500-series modules and their unique analog limiter.

Check the full range or contact us for more info!


Pendulum Audio

SSL Mynx + SSL Stereo Bus Compressor PROMO!

Take the famous SSL Stereo Bus Compressor with you everywhere, use it in your studio, take it to live gigs! With this temporary promo you can get the well known SSL 'sounds-like-a-record' bus compressor in the compact Mynx enclosure for a special price, contact us for more info.

The centre section compressor from the 1980’s SSL G-Series analogue console is an audio production legend. It is a simple unit with a simple purpose; it makes complete mixes sound bigger, with more power, punch and drive. It brings cohesion and strength to your mix without compromising clarity. The Stereo Bus Compressor Module brings this classic ‘audio glue’ to you with spectacular SuperAnalogue™ audio performance.


Solid State Logic

SSL AWS916: perfect for small pro studios and education!

The SSL AWS916 console is a new lower entry level for the AWS series, for whom 16 mono channels is enough and for eductional facilities where a small high end console like the AWS916 is perfect to teach about console signal flow, processing, workflow, ... It's possible to upgrade to a full AWS924 configuration later on, so the AWS916 is a great way to enter the AWS series!

Contact us for more info.


Solid State Logic

AES2012 San Francisco news

Many of our manufacturers exhibited at AES2012 in San Francisco, with news and new products!

AEA featured the RPQ500 preamp module and the KU4 uni-directional ribbon mic, together with the How It's Made video about the build of an R44 !

AnaMod & Realios 500-modules: TLCompressor is shipping, the Realios EQ and AnaMod XF Tube coloring/distortion module will be available soon.

Benchmark Media introduced the DAC2 HGC PCM/DSD convertor, read the first review.

Bricasti showed their acclaimed M7 reverb and new M1 DA convertor.

Cedar Audio released the post production standard DNS One dialogue noise suppressor plugin in ProTools AAX format, with the other Cedar Studio plugins to follow. Also on show the recently at IBC introduced DNS 8 Live.

Crane Song introduced the Falcon 500-series tube compressor!

Crookwood showed no less then 4 new products: the M4 analog insert only mastering console, a Mix-Master option for all Crookwood consoles and routers to route connected gear between mixing and mastering setups, the MultiDAD 1U MADI multichannelconvertor (up to 32ch) and the MultiPre, successor to the famous iPre.

Daking completed their 500-range with the EQ 500 and Comp 500 next to the already available Mic Pre 500.

Dave Hill Designs had the great Europa 1 preamp and Titan compressor on show.

Josephson exhibited their full range of unique microphones.

Little Labs has some more 19" LMNOpre's available, a hidden mic preamp gem!

PMC showed their new twotwo.5 and twotwo.6 monitors.

Slate Pro Audio drawed a lot of attention with the prototype Raven MTX controller and monitoring console featuring a huge multi-touch screen. Watch the introduction video.

Solid State Logic 's 500-series EQ and DYN modules are now available. Also new is the Duality Pro-Station frame option: a winged layout with space for a big screen in the center section.

Thermionic Culture had their full range on show. The Nightingale wins Resolution Magazine Award for Quality and Innovation in the Dynamic category.

Tube-Tech showed their classics next to their RM2 lunchbox.

Weiss A1 preamp/de-esser for 500 format will be available very soon!


Benchmark launches new DAC2 HGC

Benchmark Media Systems, the creator of the award-winning DAC1 family, is proud to announce the DAC2 HGC, a new reference stereo preamplifier with headphone amplifier and PCM/DSD D/A converter.

The DAC2 HGC packs more processing power and features in the same compact DAC1 series form factor. Under the hood, eight balanced 32-bit D/A converters are summed together to form a pair of balanced outputs. DAC2 HGC supports 24- bit/192kHz PCM as well as native DSD conversion. Other features include sample rate and word length display, UltraLock2 jitter attenuation, asynchronous USB Audio 2.0, polarity switch, home theater bypass, bi- directional 12V trigger, additional analog and digital inputs and outputs, digital pass-through, and high-efficiency low-noise power supplies.

Benchmark is introducing Hybrid Gain Control (HGC), a system that combines active analog gain control, passive low-impedance attenuators, a 32-bit digital gain control, and a servo-driven volume control. These components are combined to maximize dynamic range while minimizing distortion.

Contact us for more info.


Benchmark Media

New from SSL: 500-series 4000 EQ and 4000 Dynamics

While SSL fully commits to their popular X-Rack system, which includes a wide range of modules and offers advanced features like total recall and internal routing, many people would love some SSL flavour for their 500-series lunchbox.

This is now possible thanks to the new SSL 4000 EQ and 4000 Dynamics modules in 500 series format. These modules offer the classic SSL sound for your 500 series rack!

Contact us for more info.


Solid State Logic

IBC2012 news - new products!

IBC2012 brought a number of exciting new products from our manufacturers, see the overview below. Contact us for more info on any of these products.


CEDAR Audio introduces the DNS 8 Live

  • DNS 8 Live offers eight channels of dialogue noise suppression
  • A unique, new DNS algorithm with super-fast '2-knob' setup per channel
  • Detailed DNS mode ideal for permanent installations
  • 1U rackmount with 90V-250V universal PSU and 12VDC input
  • Web-based remote control for laptops, tablets, and other devices

PMC presents the new twotwo active nearfield monitor series

The new twotwo series combine digital signal processing and active amplification in a range of stunningly accurate, versatile, and compact two-way reference grade monitors. Soon available are the twotwo.5 and twotwo.6 . The advanced DSP powered twotwo active range sits between the activated DB1S-AII/TB2S-AII series and the top-of-the-range AML-2 nearfield, and can be placed straight up or on their sides without any sonic compromises.

SSL shows ScreenSound ADR and C100 HDS version 5 software

ScreenSound ADR is a turnkey system that combines a suite of integrated software applications providing dialogue spotting and session preparation, session control and management and streamlined audio recording, with an industrial-strength hardware platform including host computer, I/O and Nucleus hardware control surface.

SSL’s C100 HDS Dual Operator Mode in software version 5 provides two operators the ability to have independent physical controls and access to shared audio assets, through a single console processing engine, Routing and I/O configuration. The system allows for an unlimited number of consecutive eight-channel fader bays to be assigned to a 2nd operator. These bays can be located at either end of a C100 console or separated and installed in a remote location such as a production gallery. The 2nd operator bays can be specified with a dedicated Master Tile to provide access to EQ, dynamics, aux sends and various routing functions, or specified without a Master Tile for simple fader-only operation.


SSL releases the Alpha-Link MX 16-4 and Alpha-Link MX 4-16 MADI-analogue convertors

Alpha-Link MX is the first of a new generation of SSL A-D/D-A converters that deliver superb audio quality and outstanding value. Building on the reputation of the Alpha-Link SX and AX models the new MX range consists of two 1 U units that can be used individually or combined to create larger systems. Each unit features Fibre Optic MADI In/Out connections which can be used to connect to SSL's own MadiXtreme, MX4 or Delta-Link computer interfaces or to cascade multiple MX units. The Alpha-Link MX 16-4 has 16 analogue inputs and 4 analogue outputs, making it an ideal 16 channel capture device with 4 outputs for artist and studio monitoring. The Alpha-Link MX 4-16 has 4 analogue inputs and 16 analogue outputs, making it an ideal solution for 16 channel analogue summing with 4 channels of audio capture. Up to four MX units can be cascaded in any combination in a daisy chain. In this way systems with up to 80 analogue connections can be created. MX units have a switchable reference level to enable matching with the rest of your studio system, with front panel selection of a range of settings between +24dB and +14dB.

Bundles of Alpha-Link MX 16-4 or MX 4-16 with MadiXtreme64 PCIe MADI interface are also available, for a very attractive high quality I/O solution.

Contact us for more info.


Solid State Logic

CEDAR Cambridge v8 - now with video playback and more

CEDAR Cambridge V8 is the latest revision of the acclaimed CEDAR Cambridge audio restoration and mastering system, and boasts numerous upgrades and improvements over previous versions.

Most obviously, CEDAR Cambridge now supports video playback, allowing you to view the visual content of up to eight A/V files simultaneously while analysing and processing the audio contained within them.

At the architectural level, it boasts an expanded file processing system, with powerful new region categories that hugely enhance its ability to perform independent processing on multiple regions of the audio and greatly extend its transcription capabilities. The system also offers improved output mapping, an expanded Hot Keys section, and it has been upgraded to play, record and process at 192kHz.

Alongside this, it offers numerous updates within its restoration and other processing modules, such as new tools in the enhanced Retouch 5™ and Respeed™, the addition of the ITU1770-2 and M-weighted standards in the Power Normaliser, and a revised Adaptive Limiter™ that greatly extends the range of limiting and maximising effects obtainable.

With numerous other improvements, CEDAR Cambridge V8 remains the system of choice for remastering studios, archives, sound libraries and audio forensic investigation.

Read all about it here or contact us for more info.


Cedar Audio

SSL Nucleus tutorial videos

Nucleus re-defines the professional project studio with a perfect blend of advanced DAW control, transparent SuperAnalogue™ monitoring, high class analogue mic pres, pro quality USB audio interface and bundled SSL Duende Native plug-ins. There is no other product available which offers the professional producer/engineer all these elements, with benchmark audio performance and elegant ergonomics. Up to 3 different DAWs can be connected simultaneously and you can switch between them with a single button push.

See how to the Nucleus works with the leading DAWs in these tutorial videos.


Solid State Logic

Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard II Limited Edition

This Special Limited Edition Fat Bustard II is introduced for those purists who want the facilities of the Fat Bustard summing mixer (special equalisation for the mix, stereo width, bass to centre) but a little less colourisation and even lower distortion and noise, though not as much max "Attitude". The top response now extends to 50+ kHz with consequently less phase shift. It uses 12AY7 double triode input valves in place of 5965s.

Both Fat Bustards have exactly the same 14 inputs, and same controls. The black more Aggressive Fat Bustard continues to be made, so the user has a choice until all the Green ones have been sold. Both are the same retail price.


Thermionic Culture

SSL Workstation Partner Product Demo Days

On May 22nd and 23rd, we are organising SSL Workstation partner product demo days with Andy Jackson from Solid State Logic.

Tuesday, May 22nd
14h @
Stalhof 6, 9000 Gent, Belgium

This session will focus on SSL's Nucleus controller, Soundscape DAW and MX4 DSP mixing system. is a radio station, focusing on Ghent youth and students. A place of creativity and a musical reference, for listeners and volunteers alike. Sixteen years since the first broadcast, it has expanded into a Youth Culture Platform, with two radio studios, a mobile installation and its own music recording studio.

Wednesday, May 23nd
11h & 15h @ Joystick Audio
Luchterenstraat 25A, 9031 Drongen, Belgium

These sessions will focus on SSL's analogue outboard and small consoles.

Please register for the session of your choice at !


Musikmesse 2012 news

Dave Hill Designs Titan compressor is now available from stock! Ask us for a demo.

Little Labs i-VOG DI & bass resonance tool is coming in very soon!

Solid State Logic showed the new Soundscape v6.2 software which has build-in ProConvert (directly read/write sessions in ProTools, Steinberg, Apple, Samplitude format from Soundscape), support for 3rd party MIDI/LTC interfaces and a brand new DAW control profile for SSL Nucleus and Matrix controllers.
The SSL Nucleus and Matrix not only gained Soundscape support, also Samplitude/Sequoia is suppoted now!

Thermionic Culture showed the new Culture Vulture Solo, which is now shipping.


Joystick Audio appointed Belux distributor for Bricasti Design

Joystick Audio now is the official distributor for Bricasti Design in Belgium and Luxembourg. The Bricasti M7 reverb is the new high end studio standard for reverbs, an essential unit in any serious studio or live setup!

Contact us for more info and to try out a demo-unit in your studio setup.


Bricasti Design

Little Labs i-VOG

Standalone version of the popular VOG (Voice Of God) analog bass resonance tool. It is identical to the VOG, but it does add the instrument input which has a 3.32 meg ohm input impedance and adds 10dB of gain. The VOG was originally designed to capture the chest resonance of vocalists or voice over artists, enabling them to still have a proximity type effect without havingto be so close to the mic, hence the name, Voice of God. However, when heard on kick drum and bass, it became clear this is the go to device to make these instruments sound huge.


Little Labs

New Josephson C716 mic now available!

The C716 features a cardioid version of the large dual-diaphragm capsule used in Josephson’s C700 series, with a 5 micron evaporated gold diaphragm. The head grille uses Josephson’s patent-pending hard metal foam structure welded to the housing tube, instead of wire mesh or perforated metal. No other structure is needed, so internal reflections are randomized for clean, detailed sound pickup. Read more here.
Ask us for a demo!

C716big JosephsonlogoFULL1


Tape Op Magazine review of the SSL AWS948

Read all about the flexible SSL AWS948 console & controller in the Tape Op review here.


Solid State Logic

Endless Analog CLASP now available from Joystick Audio!

The Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor (CLASP) from Endless Analog lets you integrate your tape-machine seamlessly with ProTools, for the true hybrid setup. More info here.


Endless Analog

Softube plugins now available from Joystick Audio!

Discover the official Tube-Tech plugins by Softube. Softube makes some of the best analog emulation plugins available today, now also available from Joystick Audio.



News from the 131st AES convention in NYC

AEA presented the RPQ500 preamp for the 500-series format. Perfect for ribbon, dynamic and condensor mics! Available soon.

Realios (by AnaMod) showed the upcoming 'Helios' A9052 500-series EQ module.

Cedar Audio introduced the Cedar Studio plugin range for ProTools PC & Mac. Cedar's Adaptive Limiter, Debuzz and Declip join the DNS One ProTools plugin.

Crane Song 's Phoenix plugin got updated to Phoenix II, an AAX ProTools plugin for tape emulation.

Dave Hill Designs previewed the flexible Titan compressor.

Josephson showed the now shipping new C716 microphone.

Little Labs released the i-vog, the combination of a Little Labs DI with their Voice Of God resonant filter in the well known small Little Labs box form factor.

SSL announced new native RTAS versions of the Duende plugins, as well as new DAW profiles for Nucleus, including one for Ableton Live.

Thermionic Culture showed the upcoming Culture Vulture Solo.

Weiss demonstrated the upcoming A1 500-series preamp with de-esser module. Full analog signal path with digital side-chain.


Dave Hill Designs nominated twice for the TEC Awards

Dave Hill got two 27th Annual TEC Awards Nominations for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the categories of Microphone Preamplifier Technology for the Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 and in Signal Processing Technology/Software for the Dave Hill Designs RA. The TEC Awards will be presented at the NAMM show in Januari 2012.

Contact us for more info or a demo of the Europa 1 or RA!


Dave Hill Designs

The perfect high end cost effective high channel count ProTools HD I/O solution!

We now offer a special very competitive bundle of the SSL Delta-Link ProTools HD MADI interface together with the SSL Alpha-Link MADI SX MADI to analog and AES I/O convertor. This package gives you instantly 48 I/O for your ProTools HD of HD Native system: 24 analog I/O with renowned SSL convertor quality and 24 AES/EBU I/O (including realtime sample rate convertors on the first 4 pairs!). There's also room to grow, contact us for more info about I/O solutions for your specific needs.


Solid State Logic

The new PMC IB2S-A now on demo at Joystick Audio in Drongen!

The stand-alone IB2S-A offers discerning users the attributes of PMC’s large ATL™ reference active monitors in a more compact form, creating the ideal monitors for high-end reference monitoring and mastering applications.

The DSP-controlled, Class-D powered cabinets make use of PMC’s ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) bass-loading technology, providing a smoothly controlled, high-resolution low-frequency response. The bass units in the cabinets, which are identical, feature the 10-inch carbon-fibre/Nomex™ piston drivers from the renowned IB1S and IB2S speakers, while the IB2S-A cabinet features PMC’s hand-built 75mm fabric-dome driver to handle the mid range and the 34mm soft-dome tweeter from the BB5 XBD-A. 960W of independent, audiophile-quality power is available to each active master cabinet: 200W for the high-frequency and mid-range drivers, with 560W directed to the LF driver for extended, low-distortion precision monitoring all the way down to 20Hz.

The IB2S-A features user-adjustable HF and LF shelving filters, per-channel ±8dB input level trims, an AES3 digital input as standard , and the ability to adjust the input sensitivity of the balanced analogue inputs from +4dB to +20dB. The EQ, level trims and analogue/digital input selection settings may be adjusted from a distance with an RJ45-connected remote, also supplied as standard.

The three-way IB2S-A master cabinet may be purchased as a speaker in its own right, or together with the single-driver XBD bass cabinet to form the IB2S XBD-A system, following the pattern established by the popular BB5-XBD-A reference monitor.

Contact us for more info and to book a demo!


PMC Monitors

Duende Native Essentials Bundle winner!

At the SSL demo day on tuesday 20/09 at Joystick Audio, there was a giveaway of a Duende Native Essentails Bundle. The winner is Pieterjan Maertens, congratulations!

Read more about the Duende Native plugins here.


Solid State Logic

Joystick Audio now also distributes PMC professional monitors in the Netherlands

PMC has been our choice for professional studio monitoring for years, for their excellent detail, definition and accuracy, for their deep controlled lows thanks to PMC's Advanced Transmission Line technology and for their wide sweetspot allowing comfortable listening. Now available from us in the whole Benelux!

Discover the PMC professional monitor range here.


PMC Monitors

Slate Pro Audio FOX preamp

The FOX dual mic preamplifier is now available.
Each channel of the FOX has two independent mic pre circuits:
"VINTAGE" is based on the classic discrete British pre. With one flick of a switch, you can activate the other mic pre circuit called "MODERN". This transformerless preamp is ultra fast, has extremely low distortion, and captures incredible detail. When you activate "COMBO" mode, it takes the input stage of one preamp circuit and the output of the other! This provides the audio engineer with four distinct tonal variations to choose for each source. Each variation has a very unique character.


Slate Pro Audio

AEA KU4 Unidirectional Ribbon now available!

The KU4 celebrates the legendary RCA unidirectional KU3A, a high- sensitivity microphone designed for the Hollywood movie studios. Also known as a M-10001 for its manufacturing number, it was RCA’s most expensive ribbon microphone. Fewer than 600 were ever manufactured.

What made the KU3A special? It combined the smooth ribbon sound of a 44 with a unidirectional pattern, a wide sweet spot and less proximity bass boost. It expanded an engineer’s range of placement choices and became a standard at film studios around the world.



Soundfield new portable location mic system ST-450

The new ST450 Mic System is now available. The portable, battery-powered ST450 is aimed at location recording film and TV sound specialists everywhere, and builds on the success of SoundField's previous ST250 and ST350 portable microphones. The electronics in the ST450 have been completely redesigned, taking advantage of new, improved components, resulting in a superior noise performance, and more accurate stereo and surround imaging. Best of all for location use, the ruggedly designed ST450 weighs just 290 grammes, and may be used at a distance of up to 200 metres from its associated control unit. The weight of the control box is 580 grammes.



CEDAR Cambridge updates to V7 with introduction of Respeed and numerous other improvements

Based on the latest CEDAR Cambridge Series III hardware, Version 7 is a massive step forward in audio restoration and speech enhancement. It boasts a hugely improved file processing system, a powerful new module, Respeed, a unique new declick algorithm, Manual Declick 'B', the introduction of Reporting, and dozens of improvements to existing modules including Retouch, DNS, NR-4 and NR-5, the Adaptive Limiter and Vintage Decrackle. More info here.

Respeed is speed correction that corrects not just wow but random variations and long-term rises and falls in speed. More info here.


Cedar Audio

Solid State Logic AWS948 console of choice for Basto's The Blue Room studio

Basto is well known in the world of pop and dance as witness the success of his latest single, Gregory’s Theme, that became a favorite with top DJs Pete Tong and Tiësto, as well as attaining number one in the UK Upfront Dance Chart and placing in the Top 10 Sales and Airplay Chart in Belgium and The Netherlands. The first productions using the SSL were a Basto remix of dance hit maker Moby’s upcoming single The Day and a remix for a new Kylie Minogue track. For these projects, the AWS 948 was able to provide better sound and functionality over the previous system.

Read the full SSL article here - Read the Pro Sound News Europe article here


Solid State Logic

Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 preamp and RA plugin available now!

Unique to the Europa pre-amp are 3 controls for changing the color of the pre-amp. The first control is a SPEED which changes how fast the pre-amp can respond. The even and odd harmonic controls provides 9 levels of color each.

RA for ProTools HD TDM is a nonlinear harmonic generating compression plug-in, a true wave-shaping coloring tool. Contact us for a trial period (iLok required)!


Dave Hill Designs

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