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Neve 5106 24-channel console

This 1983 built Neve 56 has been refurbished in 2004 by Gareth Connor from CML audio.

It has been used in a non-smoking studio since 2016 and regularly maintained by Scotch Mc Neil.

14000 euro ex VAT code DB


Millennia HV3C

Dual channel preamp

900 euro ex VAT code YG


Forsell SMP2A (2 pieces available)

Dual channel preamp

1300 euro ex VAT per piece code YG


Crane Song STC-8

Dual channel compressor/limiter

2600 euro ex VAT code ZM


Allen & Heath GS-R24M

Recording console with intergrated audio interface and much more!

4950 euro ex VAT code CM


AVID Artist Controller

As new, 6 months old

600 euro ex VAT code HK


SSL X-Rack modules

1 x SSL Line-Inputs-Module XR624: 500 euro ex VAT
1 x SSL Mixbus Module XR622:
600 euro ex VAT
1 x SSL Mic Amp Module XR621:
500 euro ex VAT
Available each on their own as well.

1600 euro ex VAT code LC

chweb masterbusweb micampweb

SSL Live Recorder

SSL Live Recorder 2 MX Version
SSL Live Saver system restore SSD
SSL 2 x SSD drives for Live Recorder
As new!

2500 euro ex VAT code AV


Tango 1

DAW Controller + Extension bay (20 faders)

999 euro ex VAT code HKLU


Avalon VT-747SP Silver

Tube stereo spectra-opto-compressor

1490 euro ex VAT code HKLU


B&W 805 pair

Speaker pair

1400 euro ex VAT code HKLU


Mackie Control + 2x Mackie Control Extender

Universal 8-Channel Master MIDI Mixer Control Surface + 2 extenders
(24 faders)

350 euro ex VAT code HKLU

ScreenShot20190103at102732 ScreenShot20190103at1 ScreenShot20190103at102739

TC M5000

M5000 FX Unit with 2xDSP Mainframe card & Analog + AES/EBU

800 euro ex VAT code HKLU


Slate Pro Audio Dragon PAIR

1176-style compressors with extras - stereo pair

2250 euro ex VAT code RvGNL


Thermionic Culture Phoenix

Stereo tube compressor

2750 euro incl VAT code PL


Crane Song STC-8

Stereo compressor

3300 euro incl. VAT code PL


PMC IB2S + Bryston 4B SST2

Complete mastering grade monitoring set, in excellent state.

9750 euro ex VAT code JANL


Dynaudio M3.5 main speaker system complete

Stereo pair passive speakers + amps and crossover.
Recently refurbished, excellent state.

7500 euro ex VAT code FDW


SSL X-Desk x2

Two SSL X-Desks available! Use on their own or link them up for a great little 16-channel SSL desk.

1800 euro ex VAT each code MH


Brauner VMX

Large diaphragm condensor microphone.

3000 euro (no VAT applicable) code JF


Soundfield SPS422b

Surround mic with stereo and B-format decoder.
In perfect state, comes in flightcase.

1900 euro ex VAT code SC


Apogee Symphony convertor

ADAT in + 32 output channels

2500 euro ex VAT code BRNL


Avalon AD2044

Pure Class A dual channel Opto Compressor

1500 euro ex VAT code NRNL


Weiss ADC2 with Firewire

Dual channel AD with preamp and several digital outputs including Firewire interface

4000 euro ex VAT code GMNL


Mac Pro with SSL MadiXtreme64 interface

Mac Pro with MADI audio interface, ready to connect convertors and start recording!
MacPro Xeon QuadCore-processor 2,00 Ghz, 8 GB Ram, 3 HDs (1250 Gb total), SuperDrive for DVD & CD

1000 euro incl VAT code FDB

macpro sslmadixtreme64

Antelope Pure2

AD/DA convertor

1570 euro ex VAT code FD


Focusrite Platinum Compounder

Dual compressor, limiter, gate with bass expander.

250 euro ex VAT code HT


TL Audio PA-1

Dual valve mic pre/DI

300 euro ex VAT code HT


Marshall SE100 speaker emulator/power soak

Line, speaker, headphone & XLR outputs, 3 mic posities

250 euro ex VAT code HT


SSL X-Rack with 6x mono EQ and 1x stereo EQ

SSL X-rack with 6 SuperAnalogue mono EQ modules and one SuperAnalogue stereo EQ module.
(picture of another configuration)

4000 euro ex VAT code MH


TL Audio VTC tube console

16 channel inline TL Audio VTC tube console in 32 channel frame (room for expansion), in perfect condition.

9000 euro ex VAT code JPvH


Wanted: we are looking for the following second hand gear for our customers:

Urei 1176, Pye compressor, ARP Odyssee, Pearl Syncussion, Eventide H3000B or DSE, Lexicon PCM70, Lexicon PCM42, Bell BD80, TC2290, Summit TLA100, Lexicon 200, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer piano, Lexicon Vortex, Aphex Stereo Compellor, Binson Echorec, Barth Dynaset, ...